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Is Your Pool Overflowing? Read This to Learn How to Lower the Water Level.

Due to the rain forecast, it’s important to know how to drain your pool in case it’s getting close to overflowing. Please only drain your…

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Preparedness Materials available – have you seen them?

We have preparedness materials available, including some new items (Red Cross Emergency Contact Card and Help Sign for Windows). Visit our Preparedness Page for useful tools. Even…

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Help Provide Poway with a Fully-Equipped Emergency Communications Trailer

[progress title=” Fundraising Progress for Fully-Equipped Emergency Communications Trailer” percent=”11″ style=”bold” background=”#c7324b” color=”#ffffff” rounded=”true” stripes=”true”] The Poway Neighborhood Emergency Corps is raising funds to provide…

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The Poway Simulated Emergency Drill was a big success!!

A simulated emergency drill was held on Saturday, September 17 from 9:30 to 11:30 AM. The simulated emergency was a Magnitude 6.8 earthquake hitting the…

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