Programs and Services

Poway Neighborhood Emergency Corps

PNEC regularly organizes a variety of community preparedness & resource presentations and has established complementary programs, collaborations, and services to aid in achieving its overall mission.

PNEC works with the Neighborhood Emergency Coordinators (NECs) who provide important preparedness information to their neighbors, similar to a calling tree. PNEC provides training, guidance, and informative links to county emergency services. Thus, preparing and helping the NECs create communication networks within their neighborhood as well as be informed with the most current emergency information for dissemination. NECs also participate in drills to become acquainted with emergency scenarios to help define their active role within an emergency.

The Neighbors Helping Neighbors program is designed to help identify the most vulnerable in the neighborhoods and develop a support system to keep them safe and up to date with vital information during an emergency.

Poway Fire Safe Council

The Poway Fire Safe Council, established in 2017, is an extension of PNEC with a sole focus on fire safety and wildfire emergency preparedness. It is approved as a local FSC by the California Fire Safe Council and is part of the San Diego Regional Board Water Conservative Authority.  Fire Safe Council collaborates with a variety of other government, non-profit, and community-based organizations together to make San Diego County better prepared for wildfire occurrences.

PACT Collaboration

The collaboration with the Poway Auxiliary Communications Team (PACT) is an important collaboration for emergency communications during disasters. During a disaster, PACT will coordinate and collaborate as needed to provide communication services and share important information between the city and each identified neighborhood through the Neighborhood Emergency Coordinators (NECs) and Ham Radio Operators where available, willing, and needed.

In order to develop and prepare a better communication system during emergencies, PNEC and the members of this partnership regularly participate in Ham Radio events and in city and countywide emergency communication drills.

Large Animal
Emergency Planning

Poway is the City in the Country and many of our residents have extended family in the form of horses, donkeys, goats, and backyard chickens. The Poway Neighborhood Emergency Corps (PNEC) has gathered resources and develop best practices to help community members plan for their animals during an emergency. 

Each year in November, PNEC hosts a Large Animal Emergency Planning community meeting with a panel of public safety subject matter experts.