Poway Neighborhood Emergency Corps (PNEC) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization focused on disaster preparedness education.  We provide outreach activities and educational programs to better prepare community members for emergencies and disasters such as wildfires, earthquakes, and floods.

PNEC is an all-volunteer organization and is not part of the City of Poway. However, PNEC works closely with the Poway Fire Department and serves only as an educational outreach organization as it relates to fire and wildfire safety and prevention.


The Poway Neighborhood Emergency Corps was established in 2011 after a group of residents identified the need for the community to be better prepared and informed regarding wildfire and other emergencies.

PNEC has been hosting and providing community workshops and events on emergency preparedness since its inception and has steadily grown outreach activities and collaborations.

PNEC established its 501(c)(3) status in 2018.


When an emergency or disaster strikes, every community member is prepared and ready to survive.


To educate community members on emergency preparedness, how to prepare
and what to do in disasters and emergency situations. In doing so, residents:

Embody the principle that they are their
own “first responder.”

Are empowered and prepared during an emergency so that stress and panic are mitigated.

To accomplish this simple straightforward mission, PNEC sets out to:

  • Provide educational outreach activities and presentations related to emergency and disaster preparedness.
  • Educate our residents and community on disaster and wildfire safety and prevention practices to mitigate or lessen the burden of wildfire and other disasters.
  • Build a network within individual neighborhoods to help disseminate preparedness education material.
  • Foster a neighbor helping neighbor environment where the most vulnerable are considered and helped by those closest to them.
  • Strive to engage our community and residents to stay current with emergency and safety skills and information.
  • Partner with County Emergency Organizations to understand their varying roles during an emergency, thereby allowing PNEC to be a valuable community resource in educating residents how to prepare for and recover from a disaster.



Terri serves as our President and is the driving force behind PNEC. She has been a member since 2011 and is one of the original founding members. She is passionate about preparedness education and helping our community become resilient in emergencies. She believes that residents, once prepared, can act to quickly recover in emergencies and be ready to help others in need.
Terri has lived in Poway since 1991, currently in neighborhood 46, where she is the Neighborhood Coordinator and a Ham Radio Operator.
Terri Sorensen
Vickie joined PNEC in 2019. She serves as the Vice President of the organization and is part of the Fire Safe Council Committee. Her interest in emergency preparedness stems from growing up in the Griffith Park, CA, in an area surrounded by nature, where she experienced evacuations due to fires and two major earthquakes. Vickie enjoys planning and serving at community emergency educational events.
Vickie moved to the area in 1995 and she has been part of the RB / Poway community since. Currently she is also a Co-Neighborhood Coordinator for Country View, Neighborhood #47.
Vickie Hoey
Vice President
Beverly serves as PNEC’s treasurer and joined the organization in 2017 upon learning of it shortly after becoming a Poway CERT member. With a longtime interest in emergency preparedness and response, it was a natural fit to volunteer. Beverly brings her business skills to the organization, helping with the corporate administrative side as well as fundraising and grants. In addition to Poway CERT, she has trained and volunteered with the American Red Cross.
Beverly has lived in the Poway area since 2001 and resides in Neighborhood 34 where she serves as the Neighborhood Coordinator.
Beverly Dunlap
Ron joined PNEC in 2019 and currently serves as the Secretary. Motivated to be part of the answer during a crisis, he found PNEC was a perfect organization in which to participate. Ron previously worked as an area commander in the city of Herriman Utah responsible for 1/5 of the city and was a member of their CERT. He is also Ham Radio certified
Ron has lived in RB since 2018 and learned of PNEC through a faith-based organization participating in emergency preparedness and education.
Ron Bently


Chuck is one of the original founding members of PNEC and has served on the board since its inception. As part of the Poway Community Leadership Institute session held in 2008, he was the Chair of the committee that created what is known today as PNEC. Chuck’s passion for emergency and wildfire preparedness and education stems from a dear friend’s devastating loss of family in the 2003 fire.

Chuck and his wife Mary have lived in Poway since 1984. They serve as Neighborhood Coordinators for Neighborhood 57, the Garden Road North area.
Chuck Cross
Community Relations
Eric joined PNEC in 2016 after discovering it through his Ham Radio network. Eric is a board member at large and maintains the website and helps with social media and photography at PNEC events. As an Amateur Radio Operator, he has always been involved in emergency preparation and public service. When Eric learned of PNEC and the active role of Ham Radio operators, he wanted to participate.
Eric moved to San Diego in 1990 from New York. He and his wife have been Poway residents since 2006 and live in Neighborhood 20 where he is also the Ham Radio Coordinator for his and other surrounding neighborhoods.
Eric Gruff
Social Media
Ron has been involved with PNEC since shortly after its inception in 2011. In addition to being active with our PACT outreach, he serves as a liaison between several county and Poway emergency communication groups. Ron has been a Ham Radio operator for over 50 years and volunteers with the Sheriff’s Auxiliary Communication Systems (ACS), Amateur Radio Emergency Services (ARES) which helps as backup emergency communications for hospitals in the county as well as the Poway Auxiliary Communications Team (PACT). He also works as a fire lookout on Palomar Mountain watching for fires all over the San Diego area including Poway. He has been a resident of Poway since 1996 and lives in Neighborhood 11, Silver Saddle area where he is also the Ham Radio Operator for the neighborhood.
Ron Earl
County Communications Liaison
Brian has been a member of PNEC since 2013. He is the leader of the Poway Auxiliary Communications Team (PACT) and a member of Poway CERT. Brian obtained an amateur radio (ham) license in 2011 and quickly developed an interest in public service and emergency communications. The synergy between PNEC, PACT and CERT is what motivated Brian to be a part of all three organizations.
Brian moved to San Diego in 2000 from Orange County, and to Poway in 2002. He lives in neighborhood 45 and is the Ham Radio Operator, not only for his neighborhood but several other surrounding neighborhoods as well.
Brian Tagg
Poway Communications Liaison
Susy serves as the liaison for the Fire Department and is a PNEC board member at large. As the Disaster Preparedness Coordinator for the City of Poway since 2015, her focus is on community preparedness. Susy came to the City of Poway after a 20-year career with the American Red Cross. Most of her time with the Red Cross was in the San Diego / Imperial Counties Chapter, serving a leadership role in the Red Cross response to care for the community during and after the wildfires of 2003, 2007 and 2014. In addition to working closely with PNEC and PACT, Susy oversees a team of more than 100 Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) volunteers. She ensures city employees receive training to work in the Emergency Operations Center when needed. When not working here in Poway, Susy resides in Santee and enjoys volunteering at the San Diego Rescue Mission.
Susy Turnbull
City of Poway Liaison Disaster Preparedness Coordinator
Eric has been part of PNEC since 2017, shortly after becoming a Crime Prevention Specialist for the San Diego County Sheriff Departments Poway Patrol Station. As the Sheriff's Department's PNEC liaison, he helps bridge the world of law enforcement with the needs of PNEC, while simultaneously providing the Poway community cost-effective crime prevention tips that can be orchestrated into their daily lives. Helping others feel safe within their homes and neighborhoods is a driving force in what he does each day, professionally and personally, and he is happy to help PNEC in our mission of making Poway residents better prepared for the unforeseen challenges ahead.
Eric has been a San Diego County resident his entire life. He currently lives in the nearby neighborhood of Rancho Penasquitos since 2017.
Eric Kant
SD Sheriff's Crime & Safety Liaison


Join Us!

PNEC is grateful to have the support of numerous volunteers serving as Neighborhood Emergency Coordinators and Ham Radio Operators. This support is vital to our mission and goal of being prepared when disaster strikes and neighbors helping neighbors.