Radio Communications for Beginners

Ham (Amateur) & FRS/GRS radios – Turn it on and then what?

View the Emergency Comm Presentation

A workshop on emergency communications was presented on Sept. 8 by the Poway Neighborhood Emergency Corps (PNEC), it focused on obtaining life saving information during any emergency and how to best share it with neighbors. If you missed it, the slides are available for offline viewing.

One Day Amateur Radio Technician License Class:  Saturday, September 17 – Crest Area

The Amateur Radio Service (Ham Radio) has practical applications from providing emergency communications and supporting civic events to education and recreation.

This is an entry-level class for beginners, immediately followed by the license examination. Those who pass the end-of-the-day exam will receive a radio license and call sign from the FCC which entitles them to transmit on VHF and UHF Amateur Radio frequencies (range of about 50 miles).



Home Security Preparedness

  • Safety Preparedness involves constant awareness of our surroundings.
  • Nationwide there are home burglary crimes that have a common element. Those are burglaries that involve criminals who pose as door to door salespeople in order to “case” homes for vacancy. If a home is found to be vacant, that is a target for immediate burglary.
  • There are also cases when a home resident answers such a knock, and he criminals have immediately invaded the home, held the residents hostage, and engaged in burglary.
  • Be aware that in Poway, door to door sales people MUST have a license issued by Poway in order to legally engage in door to door sales. That applies to any sales person, be they a solar installation offeror, or a magazine subscription salesperson.
  • There are proven measures you should take to never fall for the above mentioned criminal  trick.
    • You should never have any home entrance unlocked even when you are home, with exception when you are in the yard, and then only leave open the nearest entrance you can monitor.
    • When you hear a door knock you are not expecting, you should determine who the person is who is knocking, without opening the door.
    • You should NEVER open your door to an unknown person.
    • Always identify the person through a window or door peephole.
    • If the person is unknown to you, demand the reason for the visit with the door CLOSED, and if a supposed sales person, DEMAND to see the Poway license that allows them to engage in door to door sales.
    • If you see someone representing themselves as door-to-door salespeople and they do not show you a Poway license to engage in door to door sales, dismiss them. Do not open the door.
    • If you are suspicious of the persons demeanor, call the Sheriff and ask for a deputy to check the area. As best as possible, give a description of the suspicious person, any vehicle they may be operating, and any other pertinent information.


Courtesy of Charlie Ristorcelli, NN3V

*** Terrorism Preparation ***

In the current global climate is there a nagging question in the back of your mind that asks,“Could what happened in Orlando, Paris or San Bernardino happen in San Diego County?” 
The FBI has said that “San Diego is a target rich environment for terrorists” and it ranks #4 for the risk of homegrown terror, according the the Department of Homeland Security.
Click here for a printable brochure on how to spot terrorism and what you can do.

Below are some maps to introduce you to our network of neighborhood communications. Click the link above each map to open it in a new window.

Ham Operators & Neighborhood Coordinators (PDF)

This map will show you how we have divided the City of Poway into zones for more organized communication between neighbors. Which neighborhood are you in?

PNEC Neighborhoods Map

This map shows the certified amateur HAM radio operators in each neighborhood. Does your neighborhood have a HAM operator? If not, be sure to check out our events for the next certification class and it could be you!

Poway Ameteur Communications Team Map