The Poway Simulated Emergency Drill was a big success!!

A simulated emergency drill was held on Saturday, September 17 from 9:30 to 11:30 AM. The simulated emergency was a Magnitude 6.8 earthquake hitting the San Diego area, and the drill involved local first responders, Pomerado Hospital, and local amateur (ham) radio operators. The drill was held to test the emergency communications systems that will be used in the event of a real emergency. Ham radio operators participated from each of the Poway Fire Stations, city properties, emergency shelter locations and several neighborhoods. Communications were established via the Mt. Woodson repeater, and gave participants the opportunity to practice sharing information with first responders (Poway Fire Department, Sheriff and City Management) as would be needed in an actual emergency. The Mayor and City Council members observed the drill, as did Fire Chief Sanchez.

Drills will be held in the future with the aim of improving the communications systems across Poway, and ensuring that ham radio operators maximize their contributions during a real emergency.

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