SDG&E Is Introducing Payment Assistance Plan (AMP) For Eligible CARE or FERA Customers

SDG&E has rolled-out a new payment assistance option for eligible CARE and FERA enrolled customers. Here is an overview of the plan and attached is a Customer Assistance information flyer in English and Spanish language versions that you might find helpful for your members and communities.

Arrearage Management Payment (AMP) Plan 

How It Works:

AMP is a 12-month payment plan that forgives 1/12 of a participant’s debt after each on-time payment of the current month’s bill. After twelve on-time payments of current month’s bills, the participant’s debt will be fully forgiven up to a maximum of $8,000. Enrolled participants are protected from disconnection while participating.

To be eligible for AMP: Enrollee must be a current SDG&E residential customer. Business customers are not eligible.

  • Enrollee must participate in our CARE or FERA program.
  • Must have been customer for a minimum of six months and had at least one on-time payment in the last two years.
  • Customers with electric service must have a past due balance of $500 or more, of which some portion is 90 days  past due or older.
  • Gas-only customers  must have a past due balance of $250 or more, of which some portion is 90 days past due or older.

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