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Much like summertime, when you see your energy bills spike from using the A/C too often, wintertime is no different – but for opposite reasons. Rather than keep cool, you’ll be trying to stay warm! It’s no surprise that heating costs can take a toll on your budget and even cause unnecessary stress. But did you know that electric heating systems can total as much as 40% of your electric bill every month? While natural gas furnace heating can total more than half of your natural gas bill, there are several ways you can combat home heating costs and lower your electric bill.

If you’d like to cut your energy expenses and contribute to reducing environmental emissions, check out these six no-cost and low-cost tips and prepare to save:

  1. Consider using programmable thermostats or time clocks that regulate temperature, setting them at comfortable temperatures while awake and only lowering them when you sleep or are out of the house.
  2. Use the sun to your advantage and naturally heat your home throughout the day by keeping curtains that face the sun open.
  3. Cover the inside of your window frames with clear plastic sheets to keep the heat from escaping your home or install insulated shades/drapes.
  4. Use a portable space heater to warm up the rooms you spend the most time in, if possible.
  5. If you have a fireplace, ensure the damper is closed to prevent the cold from coming in and the heat from escaping. And if you don’t use your fireplace, consider sealing/plugging the chimney flue.
  6. Keep your heating systems in top shape by scheduling maintenance and changing the filter once a month (or when necessary).

For more tips to reduce your energy usage, visit

9th Annual Emergency Fair

May 6th, 2023
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***CANCELLED: 5th Annual Poway Emergency Survival Fair ***

***CANCELLED: 5th Annual Poway Emergency Survival Fair*** Due to the COVID-19 Situation, this year’s fair has been cancelled. Protect Yourself January 20, 2020 / administrator / COVID-19 / No Comments
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Poway Park and Trails Update – May 01, 2020

Poway Parks and Trails Update – May 01, 2020 The County of San Diego’s public health order is still in effect, however new updates have relaxed restrictions on local parks. As
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City of Poway COVID-19 Update 04/11/2020

City of Poway COVID-19 Update – 04/11/2020 UPDATE: 4/10/2020 Council Moves Forward on Small Business Loan Program, Commercial Eviction Moratorium This week the Poway City Council passed a moratorium on
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***** COVID-19 Resources to Help You *****

***** COVID-19 Resources to Help You ***** FACT is offering free transportation for San Diego residents for any essential need through April 15, 2020. Call FACT at 888-924-3228 between 8 am and 3 pm, Monday-Friday, to request free
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SDGE – COVID-19 Support Available When You Need It (UPDATED 4/2/20)

SDGE – COVID-19 Support Available When You Need It (UPDATED 4/2/20) We want to remind you of SDG&E’s direct assistance programs that can help people experiencing financial hardships due to
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