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2017 Poway Emergency Fair Photos

The 2017 Poway Emergency Fair was well-attended and a great source of information on emergency preparedness. In addition to First Responders, community service organizations, and local providers of products and services, Amateur Radio operators conducted an “Extreme Fair Weather Drill” to demonstrate the use of Ham Radio in an emergency.

Is Your Pool Overflowing? Read This to Learn How to Lower the Water Level.

Due to the rain forecast, it’s important to know how to drain your pool in case it’s getting close to overflowing. Please only drain your pool if it’s in danger of overflowing. If you have an autofill feature, it will stop itself from overflowing.

Do not try to drain water from the pool using the backwash valve, as this will damage the filter. In order to properly drain your pool, please do the following:

Locate the hose spigot on top of the pool pump and attach a garden hose to it. Place the other end of the hose anywhere you might want the water to drain. Once the hose is in place, turn on the pump and open the hose spigot. Water should start to drain out of the pool. We are projected to get around 6 inches of water in this storm, so drain as much water as needed, but do not drain your whole pool.