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Need Water? Read This!

If you are in need, 1 case of water, per vehicle, is being distributed at Lake Poway on Monday until dusk.

A 2nd water distribution site will be opened at City Hall on Monday from 6:30 am to 7 pm.

If you  have registered with safety services as a Poway city volunteer then please consider volunteering to help with distribution for tomorrow if needed.  Let me know if you are interested and I will send you a sign up list if Poway decides to open up tomorrow as another distribution day.

To keep updated on current water alert  –

To receive future emergency alerts from city of Poway –

To receive future emergency alerts from county of San Diego

Terri Sorensen 

Poway Neighborhood Emergency Corps.

“Neighbors Helping Neighbors”



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PNEC is an all volunteer group that seeks to complement the City of Poway Emergency Operations Plan through a grass roots communication network of neighbors.



Have a Pet? Make Sure It’s Microchipped!!!

Sunday, November 17, 10 am – 2 pm – Free Pet Microchip and Vaccine event

The biggest things I see on NextDoor are, “I lost a pet” and “I found a pet”. Microchipping is an ID thing, not a “tracking” thing. If a pet comes in to a shelter they scan for an ID. If they find one they will contact the registered owner.

Wagging Dog Rescue will be hosting a free microchip and vaccine (for dogs) clinic at Elston Hay & Grain in Ramona – 2220 Main Street

Details at

Thanks to Heather, KM6ZQB for this information.

Public Safety Power Shutoff and Homeowners Insurance to be Discussed at Community Preparedness Meeting

Poway Neighborhood Emergency Corps (PNEC) will host its bi-monthly community preparedness meeting on Thursday, November 14th, from 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm at Council Chambers, 13325 Civic Center Road. This is an open meeting for all community members. SDG&E will present on the recent Public Safety Power Shutoff Program and address the medical baseline application process for those that depend on electricity for medical equipment. An insurance broker will discuss the importance of homeowners insurance, what you should have, and what to do if you receive a cancellation notice. RSVP is not required.

For more information on PNEC, go to


Much like summertime, when you see your energy bills spike from using the A/C too often, wintertime is no different – but for opposite reasons. Rather than keep cool, you’ll be trying to stay warm! It’s no surprise that heating costs can take a toll on your budget and even cause unnecessary stress. But did you know that electric heating systems can total as much as 40% of your electric bill every month? While natural gas furnace heating can total more than half of your natural gas bill, there are several ways you can combat home heating costs and lower your electric bill.

If you’d like to cut your energy expenses and contribute to reducing environmental emissions, check out these six no-cost and low-cost tips and prepare to save:

  1. Consider using programmable thermostats or time clocks that regulate temperature, setting them at comfortable temperatures while awake and only lowering them when you sleep or are out of the house.
  2. Use the sun to your advantage and naturally heat your home throughout the day by keeping curtains that face the sun open.
  3. Cover the inside of your window frames with clear plastic sheets to keep the heat from escaping your home or install insulated shades/drapes.
  4. Use a portable space heater to warm up the rooms you spend the most time in, if possible.
  5. If you have a fireplace, ensure the damper is closed to prevent the cold from coming in and the heat from escaping. And if you don’t use your fireplace, consider sealing/plugging the chimney flue.
  6. Keep your heating systems in top shape by scheduling maintenance and changing the filter once a month (or when necessary).

For more tips to reduce your energy usage, visit

Community Meeting at Poway City Council Chambers to Address Home Owners Insurance in Fire Zones

Homeowner’s insurance in a fire zone will be discussed at the Poway City Council Chambers at 7 pm Thursday, Nov. 14. Sponsored by the Poway Neighborhood Emergency Corps (PNEC), the meeting will address questions regarding insurance renewal or cancellation due to living in a Fire Zone. Insurance options that people may not have considered will be discussed at the meeting, even if they have received an insurance non renewal notice.

Watch the KUSI Segment with PNEC’s Terri Sorenson on Emergency Preparation

Poway neighborhood emergency corps prepares ahead of disaster

POWAY (KUSI) – Preparation for an emergency starts well before tragedy strikes, and there’s a group in Poway that’s organizing critical plans and educating their community ahead of a disaster.

The mission behind the Poway Neighborhood Emergency Corp is to make sure residents are informed and aware if tragedy were to strike in their backyard. President Terri Sorensen has turned her home into a hub for emergency preparedness.

“It certainly isn’t just me it’s a group of concerned citizens who have either been through something or don’t want anyone else to go through it,” Sorensen said. “Or they are just interested in getting that information out to people who are in the city.”

The PNEC was created back in 2011 and became a non-profit in 20-17. They divide the city into 16 neighborhoods and assign one person to lead as the main coordinator.

“We ask them to put a flag up in their neighborhood and hopefully they’ve been connecting with their neighbors and this says this is the person to come to should anything bad happen,” Sorensen said. “We wanted to provide education. That’s our main mission and to help residents understand what the hazards are in this area and how to prepare for them if something should happen.”

She tells residents in her area and beyond to have an emergency plan in place and practice to ensure they are ready for anything. If you want to learn more about PNEC you can contact Sorensen at 858-688-3061 or visit

The group meets every other month and is always looking to recruit volunteers. Visit their website if you’re interested in getting involved.

City of Poway Communication Drill – Tuesday, October 22

If you missed the  California Shake-Out Earthquake drill on Saturday, you have a second opportunity to participate in the City of Poway Communications drill on October 22nd Tuesday evening from 6:00-7:30 PM.  This will be a Santa Ana scenario with  things like wind and fallen trees and power outage.  We really need our NEC’s to participate with their Ham Operators(HO) and work together.  The City wants to see how well our Neighborhoods are being connected to the emergency information tree. so please call your HO and call in what you might see in your neighborhood if Santa Ana’s , fallen tree’s, power outages, etc.  Please take a few minutes between 6:00-7:30 PM to contact your HO.  Let me know that you can participate or if you still need your HO’s name and number to contact them.

Thank you.

Terri Sorensen, KK6LBD

Poway Neighborhood Emergency Corps.

“Neighbors Helping Neighbors”


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PNEC is an all volunteer group that seeks to complement the City of Poway Emergency Operations Plan through a grass roots communication network of neighbors.



Home Fire Escape Plan Contest

Does EVERYONE in your family know how to get out of your home if it is on fire?

Sadly, two thirds of American households have not planned and practiced a home fire escape plan; leading to a tragic statistic:  seven people die each day in home fires in our country.

To draw attention to this issue  and  to work to prevent this tragedy from happening in San Diego, beginning today and through September 29, the Fire Foundation is sponsoring a contest to encourage San Diegans to develop and practice their own Home  Escape Plan.

Two $500 awards will be presented during Fire Prevention Week (Oct. 6-12)

All families in San Diego County are encouraged to create a home fire escape plan…and the Fire Foundation contest winners will get rewarded for it, too!  Contest rules and instructions are available on our website:

Not Every Hero Wears a Cape. Plan and Practice Your Escape!”.