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Fundraising Progress for Fully-Equipped Emergency Communications Trailer

The huge local fires of 2003 and 2007 struck Poway and its neighbors with feelings of unpreparedness, chaos, and desires to become more prepared. Thus, in the fall of 2011, several residents of Poway trailer1formed the Poway Neighborhood Emergency Corps [PNEC]. This group established the city into 60 defined areas, each to have a designated volunteer coordinator working with the city’s Emergency Operation Center [EOC] to help guide communications and help within each area. Telephones, emails, and reverse 911 calls are not going to be sufficient or perhaps not even usable in major emergencies such as large fires and earthquakes. Additional PNEC organization, volunteers and communication will be needed.

An important communication vehicle for the PNEC is their use of amateur radio operators, popularly known as “hams.” Ham operators, volunteering to aide PNEC, formed into the Poway Amateur Communications Team [PACT], serve as “eyes and ears” for the official Poway Emergency Operations Center [EOC], and by their distribution throughout Poway neighborhoods, augment the EOC knowledge of local conditions which may be unreported. In a major disaster there may be no other available communication vehicle for the Poway neighborhoods or the EOC.trailer2
To assist in emergency communications, an Emergency Response System [EMS] Trailer commanded by PNEC-PACT operators is being planned to provide local communications and coordination when and where needed to the EOC and nearby communities when other communications are unavailable. The EMS Trailer is to be built by SoLar Energy and Emergency Preparedness Co.[SLEEP]. As the topography of this area of our county is rather mountainous, making line-of-sight radio communications very difficult, the use of a mobile communications trailer becomes necessary.

Learn more about the ERS Trailer (PDF): SLEEP_ERS_Mobile_Trailer_Proposal_V3

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