The huge local fires of 2003 and 2007 struck Poway and its neighbors with feelings of unpreparedness, chaos, and desires to become more prepared. During an emergency, an important communication vehicle for the PNEC is their use of amateur radio operators (hams).


To assist in emergency communications, an Emergency Response System [EMS] Trailer is being planned to provide local communications and coordination when and where they are needed to the EOC and nearby communities when other communications are unavailable.
We need YOUR help to fund this important community resource! Your contribution is tax-deductible to the full extent of the law.



What's New?

Smoke Alarm Installation Day was a Success!!

Almost 100 smoke alarms were installed in the Poway Royal Estates neighborhood. Thanks to Mayor Steve Vaus, the San Diego...

Training Opportunity with Poway Fire and Sheriff

  I was notified by our training officer in the fire department that the Poway Fire and Sheriff will be...

Missed the Meeting on Financial Preparedness? Download the Materials.

If you missed the PNEC meeting featuring Merrilee Boyack as a guest presenter on the topic, “Financial Preparedness:  What to do...

Is Your Pool Overflowing? Read This to Learn How to Lower the Water Level.

Is Your Pool Overflowing? Read This to Learn How to Lower the Water Level.

Due to the rain forecast, it’s important to know how to drain your pool in case it’s getting close to...

Sandbags Available – Heavy Rain Coming!!!

You’ve probably heard that we’re expecting heavy rains in the county beginning on Thursday and going through the weekend. A...

City of Poway Shelter Training coming soon (March 2017)

**Open to all residents of Poway** Learn how to volunteer in an evacuation shelter in times of disaster. This class...

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